Inventories & "Photographic Schedules Of Condition"

The board of examiners

Camera bodies are really importsnt but the more you can spend on really good "fast" lenses, the better your photos will always be.

The board of examiners

It is often useful to have a clear indication of size when looking at photos for inventory purposes.

Imagine knowing exactly what you and the family have in the way of your main physical assets, including detailed photos of all your most valuable possessions, such as individual pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, paintings, collections of this and that, you name it!

This would help you assess how much "Contents" insurance cover to buy each year so that you end up paying roughly the right insurance premiums each year.

It would also help you enormously with any future insurance claims if you could provide your insurer and/or the police with detailed photos and scanned copies of all your purchase receipts. You might even get some of the stuff back again if it had been taken in a theft or a burglary.

Furthermore, there comes a time in our lives when we have to think of passing things on to other members of the famiiy and a detailed list with carefully-taken photos would greatly simplify things after a death. A copy of this "Inventory" could then be lodged with your solicitor along with your will.

Landlords and tenants alike would obviously benefit enormously from drawing up a "Photographic Schedule of Condition" of both the house and any contents.

Please let me know if you need any help in this area.

The board of examiners

Pieces of kit like this add up! This metal USB Hub cost me £50 and I have two of them now.

It is quite astounding how much all of your household stuff adds up to when you start totting up not just all the "big-ticket items" but all of the thousands of smaller items, too!

The board of examiners

Certain "essential" gadgets, like this lever arch corkscrew, really shouldn't be allowed to go missing!

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