The board of examiners

If you enjoy puzzles, the old-fashioned sort, well then, websites are a bit like modern-day, electronic puzzles.

There are lots of rules and plenty of "Pooh-traps" to fall headlong into, and especially with CSS, but, once you get the hang of things, it then becomes "rather thrilling" and a bit like painting an electronic picture on a completely blank canvas.

I would be more than happy to pass on all that I know and then call in the real experts to deal with the trickier bits.

Again, I am not yet an experienced website-designer but I do know people who are very good at it indeed.

This means that I can help you if you would like to set up a website as part of any of your projects with me.

The board of examiners
The board of examiners
The board of examiners

In very simplistic terms HTML creates the structure of the website pages, CSS makes it all much more atttractive and JavaScript adds a lot of the functionality along with "good old PHP", often the real star in "making things happen", especially when databases are involved!

Then, once you have done all of that, "the real fun" begins in trying to make sure that your website "works" in all the main browsers (such as Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer/Edge and Safari) and on all the many "platforms" that exist today (such as iPhones, other smartphones and tablets) and all their different operating systems (such as Windows, Android and MacOS).

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