The board of examiners
The board of examiners

As I have said before, databases are complex so the books are normally, big, "fat" and complex, too!

I am, decidedly not an experienced database-developer yet but I do know someone who is very good indeed and he is teaching me on a weekly basis.

I am also working my way through a great many books and video tutorials on the whole theory and practice of several of the best-known and most frequently-used databases and so I am building up a solid core of experience both via GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) and at the all-powerful "command line".

This means that I can almost certainly help you if you would like to set up a database as part of any of your various projects with me. I would then call in my coach and mentor to help me with all the trickier bits.

He's a real whizz!

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