Organising The Contents

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Everything that you have managed to find, and find out, is a little bit like a new, unmarked bit of bluey-grey cardboard in your hand that has to be "coloured in" and fashioned into a puzzle-piece.

Just like a detective, you will not be quite sure where this new bit fits in yet but you will know, or at least suspect, that it "does definitely belong somewhere".

Slowly, almost as if in a dream, you will start to realise what all of the puzzling puzzle-pieces before you "mean" and then it will start to dawn on you just what the so-far-missing picture on the puzzle-box is starting to look like. All of a sudden, you will know exactly how to start fitting all of the important puzzle-pieces together and also which bits can then be safely discarded.

Once you feel sure that you have (a) input all of your Memories, and (b) decided upon the final versions of all the text that you want in the book, and then (c) uploaded all the photos, and other scanned documents, and (d) made all of the links between the text and the images, the time will have arrived for us to start organising the book(s) and/or the photo-album(s).

There are a great many potential parts to a book and the memories and images will need to be organised in the best way possible, and will need appropriate 'segues' (pronounced "segways"), so that one Memory runs on smoothly to the next one.

Given the way that the database and overall "application" have been designed, this should be both simple and capable of being changed at any time.

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