The board of examiners

This photo shows a scan of the back of an old "Air Letter" in progress.

The board of examiners

This photo shows my four scanners, with the lid of the fourth, the special A4 photographic scanner, just visible way off to the right.

High resolution scanning on some of the best optical scanners coupled with market-leading scanning software will also help bring your book alive.

Most of us have a mass of "documentation" in our homes and ... we often wish we didn't!

However, in amongst all the stuff that desperately needs chucking out or filing, there will be a few golden nuggets.

These will include all those now entertaining, but then much-feared, school reports, where harrassed masters took their sweet revenge on us by labeling us as complete dimwits and dunderheads with all the precursor signs of turning into dangerously feral social misfits shortly after leaving their school.

But they often highlighted some trait or other that has then stayed with us during all these many years so ... credit where credit is due for their perspicacity and "soothsaying".

There will probably also be a mass of handrwitten letters from our perhaps now deceasaed relatives, the occasional copperplate invitations to join the high and mighty at table somewhere grand and all sorts of fascinating other relics from the past.

The board of examiners

One of my Pa's at the time "rather important" old certificates: if he had not passed this exam, he would not have received any pay!

How can one even dream of chucking something like this out?!

For all I know, it might be the only copy of this frayed, old document still extant today and so the mere fact of taking this scan may very well assist some historian or social scientist in years to come.

The science of scanning is one thing but the art lies in making the right choices of what to scan and then how to include those scans, or perhaps only parts of those scans, in the book.

I not only have two "top-of-the-range" and very new Epson colour flatbed scanners, one A3 and the other A4 for high resolution scans of printed photos, transparencies and negatives, but also the best scanning software that I could find.

This software helps me to remove dust and all sorts of other blemishes, like scratches and folds, that other "normal" scanning software does not even attempt to do. This then enables me to re-touch and enhance documents and images of other flat objects. This means that the scans that I can take for you will greatly improve the overall look of your book, even if the original document and/or objects are "not in great shape" at the moment.

The board of examiners

A letter written in 1960 by my maternal grandmother, whilst she was on a train crossing India, to my mother in Calcutta.

If you look more closely, you can see that the name and most of the address on this scanned image have been blurred out on purpose, for confidentiality reasons. This is something I can arrange for you, should you feel the need.

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