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  • 1 - Why Trust *Me* With Your Personal & Family Information?
  • 2 - Is This Website "Secure"?
  • 3 - What Steps Are You Taking To Back Up All Of My Text & Files & Keep Them All As Safely As You Possibly Can?
  • 4 - How Carefully Will You Look After Anything That I Lend To You To Work On?
  • 5 - Will You Make Sure That All Redundant Paperwork Will Be Properly & Securely Destroyed?
  • 6 - What happens If A Client Dies Before The Book Is Finished?
  • 7 - Can You Recommend A Good Printer And/Or Bookbinder?
  • 8 - How Much Free Storage Space Do I Get And When Do I Have To Pay For It?
  • 9 - Would You Like Me To Pass On Your Name To Other People?

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