Transcribing Audio Files

The board of examiners

If, for whatever reason, it is not easy for you to use a keyboard, then you can dictate your Memories on to a digital recording device such as this one.

I can then transcribe your words and input them for you.

Following that work, I can then either read your words back to you over the phone and make amendments there and then or I can send you printed transcripts for you to correct and/or amend in your own time.

Some people either don't have the necessary up-to-date I.T. equipment at home or don't feel comfortable using it.

I therefore provide a service where someone can dictate all of their memories on to a digital voice recorder and then arrange for someone else to send me those audio files so that I can then transcribe them and input the text into the database for them.

I can then discuss as much as possible over the phone and try and get the book ready with minimal input from the person authoring the book once all the memories have been transcribed.

This service may well help someone, who is perhaps bed-bound in a hospital or hospice or who just fancies the idea of dictating their whole book.

This can give added meaning and comfort to someone nearing the end of their days to know that they will not be forgotten and will live on through the ages through all that they have written in their book.

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