We All Have At Least One Book In Us!

My elder son's Swiss cap.

Swiss people design and make things really well, don't they?!

This strikingly good-looking cap was given to my elder son when I took him out to my old stamping-ground in Zurich in March 2016.

I have all the necessary, up-to-date digital photographic equipment to take very high resolution photos of anything that you would like to include in your book. Depending on where you live, I can also visit you at your home to take photos for your book "on location".

As you can see from the massive impact that this one photo has on this (low resolution) web-page, well-taken photos will make all the difference to your book!

Thank you so much for taking a quick look through my website.

I really hope that all you see here piques your interest so much that you will decide to "take action" so that you can then see how easy it all is!

I apologise in advance for any "walls of text" that may greet you on this website but ... this is a website that is all about writing books and books do tend to be rather full of words so that is my only excuse!

You also only need to read through everything once to get the general idea of what is on offer here: after that, all you have to do is go to the Login/Register page each time and "get cracking!"

As soon as you have registered, I very much look forward to welcoming you "on board" via email and then hopefully helping you get the most out of all that we offer.

It has long been said that "We all have a book in us" and, to enjoy a full life, we should "Have a child, plant a tree and write a book!"

Well, having a child is sometimes tricky or just can't be done but the other two definitely can be done so …. why not go for the book as well as for the far less challenging planting of said tree?!

You may not have thought about this but your book may very well outlive your tree!

Most people's immediate reaction to that question about writing a book is normally: "What me?! Write a book! My life wouldn't interest anyone in the slightest!" and "What on earth would I write about?"

On reflection, though, lots of people around you would be interested, and, what's more, we all have far more than just the one book in us … but I'll leave the idea of writing more than one book for later on: I don't want to "frighten the horses"!

Please do feel free to get in touch with me at any time, either by email or, later on, by phone, and please do register today: all it needs is your name and a valid email address, nothing else at this stage!

This really doesn't need to be expensive either, as you remain in control of both the timing and the extent of what we do together and thus the costs.

You will also be able to do so much on your own!

I wager that the whole process will surprise you greatly by being tremendous fun, very much easier and cheaper than you thought, and, most importantly of all, very deeply satisfying and on so many different levels, too.

I hope that looking through this website will start you off on a truly fascinating journey through time, both backwards and forwards, and that this will enrich not just you, the writer, but all of those lucky people close to you, who will get to read and enjoy all that you have chosen to remember, comment upon and preserve for posterity.

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"We All Have At Least One Book In Us!"