Why Pay For All Of This When You Could Do It All On Your Own?

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Digital Photography is endlessly fascinating but also unbelievably complex once you go beyond the just "point and shoot" approach!

Nearly all of us have the very best of intentions in life but ... we still don't get around to doing a lot of the things that are on our To-Do-List, do we?

We leave things for "tomorrow" in the good old 'maƱana' approach to things.

Not good!

I Will Help You Get It Done!

The board of examiners

Operating Systems keep changing!

People could go for a run or a bike-ride on their own but some still employ an experienced personal trainer to help motivate them and keep them going through the tough times so that they finally achieve their aims.

Without their personal trainer, they might very well just give up.

Some people pay a lot of money to go to the gym and end up climbing up and down steps that they could quite happily do absolutely anywhere ... but still they go!

I Have Invested In All The Hardware And Software So *You* Don't Have To!

You just get the fun bits to do!

All of this photographic and scanning equipment, and all of the software, and learning how to use it all to maximum advantage, doesn't come cheap, trust me!

And some of the stuff "under the bonnet" here is *very* challenging.

The board of examiners

All that data has to be held in an organised way otherwise everything becomes "one big mess"!

BEWARE! "Rubbish in, rubbish out!"

Getting the underlying database to do what it needs to do each and every time is absolutely crucial!

This business has been a great many years - some twenty-five to thirty years, perhaps - in the making, as there has just been so much to learn, so you get all of that know-how thrown in "for free", so to speak.

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