My Hourly Fees

I offer three main ways for us to work together so you can book my time in advance as follows:

  • solely "by the hour" at a rate currently set at £50.00 an hour, or
  • in fixed rate "packages" of time, valid for one year, at hourly rates that decrease the larger the package you decide to go for, or
  • a mixture of the two, which could mean, for instance, your starting off with just a few hours to make sure we enjoy working with one another, and then taking one or more packages, depending on how much help you think you will need, and then, finally, finishing everything off with just a few extra hours at the very end.

I currently charge out my time at a standard rate of £50.00 an hour and also, at very much lower, pre-booked "Package" rates, as follows:

PackageNo of Hours Normal Hourly RateNormal Total Cost Special Hourly RateSpecial Total Cost Total Package Saving% Package Saving 20% Up Front and Then Either When The Hours Are Used
or Every 3 Months
A10 £50.00£500.00 £45.00£450.00 £50.0010%  £90.00 
B20 £50.00£1,000.00 £42.50£850.00 £150.0015%  £170.00 
C30 £50.00£1,500.00 £40.00£1,200.00 £300.0020%  £240.00 
D40 £50.00£2,000.00 £37.50£1,500.00 £500.0025%  £300.00 
E50 £50.00£2,500.00 £35.00£1,750.00 £750.0030%  £350.00 

Time taken for face-to-face or "Remote Sessions" (when we are talking but not physically together) and/or "Development Work" (which is work I carry out for you when I am on my own) will all be recorded in five-minute increments so our sessions or development work can, in theory, be of any length rather than having to be of any set number of hours.

For the time being I am not obliged to charge VAT but I will, of course, let you know in advance if this changes.

In order to cut down as much as possible on time-consuming "admin" for both of us, I will submit my invoices to you either (a) once the overall sum owed by you to me has reached or exceeded £200.00 or (b) when one month has elapsed since the expense was actually incurred.

Other Charges are laid out on the next page.

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