Don't all of us owe it to our families, past, present and future, to keep some sort of enduring, physical record of who we were ... and who we hoped to be?

Create Your Own Books & Photo Albums *Securely* Right Here!

The Assisted Autobiographies application is free for you to use and it allows you to:

  • Write up Memories yourself as they occur to you and then keep revising them.
  • Upload your most important digital photos and scanned documents.
  • Link the most relevant photos and scans to any of your Memories.
  • Quickly search for individual Memories, photos and scans.
  • Easily order and re-order your Memories ready for "export" into your book.
  • See, in instant PDF format, just how good your Memories, photos and scanned documents are looking in their chapters whenever you want to.

Once you are ready, we can then discuss producing a hardback book for you.

We would love to help you at any stage in the process with face-to-face meetings at your home, and/or via emails, phone or Skype calls. We can then help you with:

  • Scanning and photographing anything that you might want to include in your book, including digitising your old prints and transparencies.
  • Organising and even transcribing all of your (possibly just verbal) memories into chapters and other parts of the book.
  • Anything else to do with your book, for instance formatting the pages, adding captions to the images, foot- and/or end-notes, indexes, etc.

Why not Contact Us and start your autobiography right now? You will be amazed at how easy it is to add your memories, photos and scans!

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"We All Have At Least One Book In Us!"